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Votigo’s Self-Service Platform for Facebook Promotions

Earlier this week Votigo officially announced the launch of self-service access to our social media promotions platform. We’ve been asked, with our background of providing full-service, flexible, cross-platform social media promotions for major brands since launching our first promotion for Victoria’s Secret PINK in early 2007, why launch a self-service platform now?

We strongly believe that brand marketers, and technology providers like us, are just scratching the surface in the realm of social media marketing and promotions. Think about it: Facebook has only been open to brands for a few years; Twitter for about the same short time and YouTube a bit longer. And even though a lot of the other social tools we frequently provide- like interactive microsites and user-generated content galleries- have been in use longer for 10 years or more, that’s no time in the big picture of marketing, where promotions (like contests and sweepstakes and offers) have proven effective over the course of decades.

As many social media marketers know, Facebook recently announced a big time offer to small businesses, hoping to greatly expand the already 9.2M small businesses who already use the platform. To us, that is another sign there is a world of businesses that are essentially just getting started when it comes to marketing and promotions on Facebook and other social networks.

So we built a do-it-yourself platform that we could offer to all the businesses who couldn’t yet make the budget and time commitment of our full-service offerings (even though we now have full-service tools starting at $2,500.) We designed it with small- and especially mid-sized businesses in mind and set out to get great feedback from our early users and so far the feedback- and the promotions launched- are impressive.

One of the cool, unexpected things that has happened when we started inviting beta users to try the platform, and showcasing it at different events for the past few months, is seeing bigger brands, like Brooks Running, and even start-ups start using the platform, in addition to the small- and mid-sized businesses for whom it was designed. They have shown us what they need in enterprise editions of our self-service platform, whether it’s the ability to sanction promotions at local (retail) levels within corporate brand standards, or to launch various promotions for different brands within their portfolio, or in an agency context, to launch promotions for multiple clients. Some major brands will use the platform simply to launch friction-free promotions between their bigger, more integrated campaigns.

And of course you can still tap into Votigo’s full-service solutions when your needs include promotions across social channels (beyond Facebook), advanced features, flexible design and tight timelines.

Our self-service platform completes our full spectrum of service levels, apps and features, and we’re excited that it allows us to serve a whole new set of brands and businesses.


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