Contest Case Study - Jeep
Times of Your Life Contest
Jeep wanted to celebrate 70 years with a contest that highlighted their passionate fans. They wanted to engage their audience with a promotion that highlighted what Jeep is known for - an adventurous spirit and high performance vehicles.
Votigo created an application that included a 7-part video series that showcased Jeep throughout the decades. Fans were asked to share their Jeep moments in for a chance to win a 70th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler. Contestants were able to write a text entry, and include a photo or video with their submission.
  • Prize: 70th Anniversary Jeep Wrangler
  • Promoted heavily on Facebook and Twitter
Results (1 month)
  • 178,925 Votes
  • 308,104 Page Views
  • 6,446 Votes
  • 652 Entries