Best Practices

Best Practices and examples.

Best Practices

1. Write a clear and concise description of your contest:

2. Ensure that you are giving away relevant prizes based on your target audience:

3. Promote your contest




Nature’s Bounty #DearFutureMe Photo Sweepstakes

This campaign was specifically designed to give the Nature’s Bounty audience a way to share what the brand means to them. Entrants are invited to submit a photo with a caption that represents their commitment to a healthy future. Participants can enter via Direct Upload on Desktop, Smartphone or Tablet or with the campaign hashtag #DearFutureMe on Twitter or Instagram. Allowing users to choose their preferred entry method is great for engagement rates and since the promotion is also embedded into Nature’s Bounty’s main site, there is a seamless user experience that also benefits the brand’s SEO. This campaign was built by Votigo’s talented full-service development team and features fully responsive design, a custom header image carousel, photo moderation and viral ‘share’ functionality.

#NutrisystemSnaps Photo Gallery

Engagement campaigns are a great way to invite your audience into your brand conversation in a way that allows fans to really feel like they are part of something. In Nutrisystem’s case, they are using a uniquely branded hashtag, #NutrisystemSnaps, to allow people to share the impact that the brand has had on their life and weight loss efforts. The hashtag allows people to participate from whatever platform they prefer, and the centralized gallery experience creates a great forum for storytelling on behalf of the brand. This campaign was built using Votigo’s self-serve-platform and features mobile responsive design, content moderation and social sharing.