How They Work

The solution. How they work. Why they work. Things to keep in mind.

The Objective

The Solution

Why They Work

  1. Hashtag sweepstakes let your community enter a contest or sweepstakes through their Instagram and Twitter accounts (as well as directly from a Facebook page or website).

  2. This allows users to participate from the platform they are most comfortable with (which is great for engagement), and gives the brand a great opportunity to engage multiple platforms.

How They Work

  1. In order for a photo or video to be valid for entry into a hashtag sweepstakes, it must be posted to either Instagram or Twitter along with a promotional hashtag that you, as the brand, determine.

  2. The Votigo platform will pull in all entries that contain that hashtag and allow you to approve them before they go live to a gallery for viewing, voting and sharing.

Things To Keep In Mind

  1. Make sure you choose a relevant, branded hashtag; one that will allow you to curate the most meaningful content for your initiative.

  2. While you are soliciting entries from Twitter and Instagram via #hashtag, you can also decide if you want the campaign to live on Facebook, a standalone microsite, or embedded onto one of your brand site pages.

  3. And most importantly, make sure that you promote the campaign on all of your normal communication channels (social media, email marketing, etc...) to drive people to participate.