Quizzes, Surveys and Polls

Online quizzes, polls and surveys are becoming a huge success. It's a fun way to get users to engage in your brand.


Online quizzes, surveys and polls are a great way to engage your audience in a fun way and connect them to your brand. It can help build brand awareness, insights into your product and in the process you can also capture leads and insights.

Engage Your Audience
Engage your audience and connect them to your product. Online quizzes make it possible to engage a large number of participants.

Improve Brand Image
Improve your brand image by creating brand awareness in a unique and fun way. Also help improve consumer loyalty.

Gain Insights
Track user behaviour and get valuable insights of your audience and their knowledge of your products and services.


There are a wide variety of tools that are available to create online quizzes, surveys and polls but our top choice is Votigo.

You can either opt for their enterprise level, custom service that comes with full design flexibility; or use their self-serve platform that comes with beautiful templates geared towards Small to Medium Sized Business. You can check them out here!

Their easy-to-use templates and design themes with drag-n-drop design editor make creating these apps a breeze. They also provide custom branding and you can use their embed your website, Facebook, and mobile.

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Let users vote for their favorite products, designs, videos, logos or any photo / video.



On Votigo's platform, you can choose to create personality or trivia quizzes. Text or visual display for questions & answers. Insights and analytics.



Head-To-Head Voting Poll Microsite, where users were able vote to determine the next flavor to be released.



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