the complete contest and sweepstakes company

Run contests, sweepstakes, and UGC engagement
campaigns across Social, Mobile & the Web
Grow your Marketing email list
Reward and engage your existing customers

Promotions that generate real results
Full-service & Custom solutions, Self-service Enterprise Platform & Developer API
Acquire and engage new and existing
customers. Integrate multiple channels
for maximum exposure and engagement.
Leverage the latest social channels
including Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, mobile and web.
UGC campaigns that tell your brand's story
#hashtag submissions from Instagram and Twitter. UGC photo and video upload.
Let your customers share their photos,
videos, and tweet about your brand
via Twitter, Instagram, and direct upload
from their phone, tablet, or computer.
Moderate content, engage with
consumers and share with the world.
collect. curate.
engage. share.