Social Marketing Suite Case Study - Fathom Events
Fathom Events uses Votigo's Social Marketing Platform to easily manage multiple contests and sweepstakes concurrently, while maintaining full brand control.
Fathom Events

Fathom Events wanted to use our platform to create promotions all year round on their own schedule. They wanted to find a way to manage their promotions easily while maintaining complete brand control.

Social Applications

Fathom can easily access social apps to incorporate into their marketing campaigns. These social apps include galleries for photos or videos, sign-up forms, surveys, and more. These apps can enhance customer engagement and add another level to their promotions.

Manage Social Channels

By utilizing Votigo's social marketing suite, Fathom can manage and organize all of their interactions across multiple social channels. They also have the ability to add analytics tracking in order to gain insights and statistics on their campaigns.

Track Performance

With Votigo's analytics tools, Fathom Events can track the success of each campaign and filter metrics to find out how each campaign is performing. These tools allow Fathom Events to gather insights that will help them improve their social media marketing efforts in future campaigns.

Company: Fathom Events

Solution: Votigo's Social Marketing Platform with a single brand and work-flow approval.

Promotion Types: Standard Photo Contest, Video Contest, Essay Contest, Random Draw Sweepstakes, Trivia Sweepstakes, Viral Sweepstakes, Twitter Sweepstakes, & Photo Sweepstakes

Engagement Application Types: Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, Signup Form, Welcome Tab, and Versatile HTML iFrame App