Social Marketing Suite Case Study - iVillage
iVillage uses Votigo's enterprise solutions to easily manage multiple campaigns and conversations. iVillage maintains brand control while running frequent and targeted promotions.

iVillage uses Votigo’s platform to create unlimited monthly promotions that they can easily manage and customize. Votigo provides iVillage with the tools to keep track of all campaign activities including contacts, entries, and analytics.

Expert Brand Management

iVillage can manage enterprise social media and maintain control of their brand while allowing sub-accounts to publish content that has been approved and monitored. They can also manage all of their contacts in one organized place to track engagement and activity. Managing posts and conversations becomes easy with Votigo’s Social Conversation Manager tool. iVillage has the capability to schedule posts, photos and links as well as manage social media around the globe with language targeting.

Track Performance

With Votigo’s analytics tools, iVillage can track the success of each campaign and filter metrics to find out how each account is performing. These tools allow iVillage to gather insights that will help them improve their social media marketing efforts in future campaigns.

Brand: iVillage

Solution: Votigo’s Social Marketing Platform with a single brand and work-flow approval.

Custom Integrations: iVillage also licensed Votigo’s robust set of API’s to build custom front-ends and mobile applications with ability to manage the campaigns through their Enterprise platform.