Social Marketing Suite Case Study - M&M's
M&M's maintains brand control while running frequent and targeted campaigns to promote their products.

M&M's utilizes Votigo's social marketing suite to manage and organize their many promotions. M&M's can launch frequent and targeted promotions while maintaining control over the brand and the customization of the campaigns.

Unique Promotions

M&M's recently ran a sweepstakes titled "We're Hiring M&M's Spokes Candies". M&M was able to customize the promotion using social apps and specific templates that catered to their goals. They were able to access analytics to gather statistics and insights on the performance of this specific promotion. This campaign alone added 2,987 fans to their already large fan base.

Advanced Customizations

Votigo built M&M's a custom engagement tab with hyperlinks to 5 different gingerbread templates for the holiday season. Over the course of 6 weeks 72 templates were downloaded. M&M's was able to customize their promotion for the holiday season with Votigo's social marketing suite, and therefore engage fans in a new and unique way.

Company: Mars

Brand: M&M's Canada

Solution: Votigo's Social Marketing Platform with a single brand and work-flow approval.

Languages: French & English