Social Marketing Suite Case Study - Suzuki
Suzuki manages and customizes all of their promotions with Votigo's social marketing suite.
Brand Management

Suzuki has maximum brand control and customization abilities with Votigo's social marketing suite. The company is able to run many different types of social promotions each month, allowing fans to participate in many different contests and sweepstakes. Suzuki has unique control over each promotion that they run and can easily access statistics for each campaign in order to analyze results.

Manage Conversations

With the social conversation manager, Suzuki has the ability to manage conversations in multiple locations and on multiple social channels. This feature of Votigo's suite allows Suzuki to schedule posts to Twitter, Facebook and Google+, promoting each of their campaigns. Suzuki can tailor their content by targeting their message to different locations, while language targeting allows them to communicate their content around the globe.

Organize Contacts

Suzuki has the resources to organize interactions with every contact across multiple social channels. This means that each sweepstakes and contest entry is easily identifiable. This organization tool allows Suzuki to see what channels their contacts are active on to better target their promotions. This feature also allows Suzuki to identify those fans with the most engagement and influence.

Company: Suzuki

Solution: Votigo's Social Marketing Platform with a single brand and work-flow approval.

Languages: English, French, German, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Japanese, Mandarin