Basic FAQ's
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the cost of using the self-service Votigo Platform?
Pricing for promotions apps is very straightforward: Pricing starts at $29/month. There are no setup fees, hidden fees or other charges to your account.
What is the difference between the self-serve platform and Votigo's premium solutions?
Votigo's self-serve platform contains all of the essentials you need to create a basic contest or sweepstakes for your Facebook page, microsite and mobile. Votigo's premium solutions offer more flexibility and are available across platforms- from microsites, to Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. There are numerous advanced features - from sharing tools to contest formats to other customizable elements - that are only available with premium solutions. For a side-by-side comparison of our options click here. For assistance in launching a Premium promotion, please call Votigo at 800-948-8830.
Why should I choose the Votigo Platform for my social media promotions?
The Votigo Platform was designed and built by an experienced team of social media promotions professionals. Votigo has been a Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant since March, 2010, and has launched major cross-channel promotions for numerous Fortune 500 brands from our platform. We are known among our clients for our expertise in the complexities of running social media promotions; the ease of using our self-service platform; the privacy and security of the data and content your promotion generates from users; and the essential features and functionality that enable successful promotions.
What is the difference between contests and sweepstakes? Which is right for me?
Contests draw a winner based on merit or skill (the funniest video, the best photo,etc.) , whereas sweepstakes draw a winner based on luck and are random in nature. Contests are a great way to engage your audience and can even provide material for future marketing materials. Sweepstakes, on the other hand, are easier to enter and therefore typically receive more entries but generally have less engagement.
How is the winner determined? How do I select and notify them?
You have the choice of either letting votes determine the winner or selecting a winner yourself based on your own criteria. This option is chosen under the "Rounds" tab when you create your contest. Once your promotion has ended, you can download your data by logging into your account. For contests, you can select your favorite entry, or if you've opted to have votes choose the winner, you can sort by the number of votes and find which entrant has the greatest number. For sweepstakes, randomly select an entrant from your list of participants. Once you've selected a winner, verify that they meet your criteria and contact them directly.
Can I choose more than 1 winner?
You can choose to allow as many winners as you'd like. Simply state your criteria for winning entries in your rules.
What do I need to be ready to design and publish a campaign?
Not much! Our easy-to-use interface walks you through the design and launch of your promotion in five easy steps (four for a sweepstakes).
What you will need:
A name and description for your sweepstakes or contest
Rules for your promotion that adhere to contest or sweepstakes in your locale and meet the Facebook Promotions Guidelines
A prize. Our best tip: choose a prize that authentically represents your brand
Graphics (optional) for the header of the promotion tab on your Facebook page.Maximum size: 520px wide x 900px tall. 250kb max. Formats Accepted: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif
For contests, a second graphic for the header of the contest application itself (the gallery, voting interface, etc).Maximum size: 760px wide x 600 px tall
Access to your Facebook page to publish the promotion
What data will I have access to for my contest or sweepstakes?
You'll have access to a CSV file that contains the following information about each entrant: First and last name, email address, phone number, date of birth and date they entered the promotion.
What happens to the user registration data that is collected by our promotion?
The data is kept in a secure, private database and, at the conclusion of the promotion, you receive a download of the registration data. Votigo never retargets the participants of your campaign for other clients' promotions.
What if I have a problem while creating or launching my promotion?
Please simply use the Support button within the platform to let us know about the problem you are experiencing. You can also browse our user forum for tips & tricks and additional Q&A's.